Jello Jello

Excuse the poor photography.  Winnie’s molded salad is much more beautiful, but per her request, here I present from Thanksgiving 2009: Molded salad and molded dessert.

Exhibit one: the salad course.  We were asked to bring a salad to Thanksgiving, and after much hand-wringing, we settled on a molded Waldorf salad.  In the shape of a turkey.  I can only imagine that the recipe came from the internet somewhere.

Exhibit two: The dessert.  As a bonus (and because we were using a cake mold that had two sides) we also brought a molded dessert.  Layered panna cotta, with the bottom layer being sweet potato, the middle layer marshmallow, and the top layer brown sugar.  This presentation is somewhat lacking because we left it too long in the warm water (to aid in the unmolding) and it got a little too melty.

Here they are sitting in their pre-unmolded state.  The mold is from Williams Sonoma and borrowed from a friend who made a turkey-shaped cake the year before.  As you can see, we misunderestimated the volume of the waldorf salad.

I have no recollection of how they tasted.

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