Crowd pleasing

We were invited to a holiday potluck, and after receiving my assignment (something meaty), I struggled for a few days with what to make — devils on horseback, meatballs, wings, pâté — but just wasn’t feeling it. But then I latched onto porchetta, which turns out to be excellent potluck food. I had to stop at three different meat counters before I finally found unsliced belly and then had to cheat a little with the roast tying job (ran out of twine), as is evident above, and the internal temperature soared well above the recommended 160°F, but in the end everything turned out okay. This Serious Eats recipe is incredibly forgiving and reaps a huge return for not very much investment (of active time, money, effort).

The only sad aspect of making porchetta for a crowd is coming across the inevitable skin discarder. Such a waste! Maybe next time I should make a sign requesting that all such culprits return their discarded skins to the platter so more discerning eaters can benefit.

I can’t wait to make it again.

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