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Date night (and day and afternoon and morning and any time)

Every time I’m in San Francisco, I make a point of stopping by the Ferry Building farmers’ market, and I usually end up bringing something back. But this was the first time that, months after a visit, I actually requested that Joyce pick something up for me and mail it. (Thanks, Joyce!)
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Nights and weekends

These last few months work has kept us both busy, often late into the evening. We like to make and eat dinner together, though, which means that we don’t usually sit down at the table until 9 or 10pm. But we’ve gotten better at meal planning and coordinating and relying less on delivery and takeout and prepared items.

Sometimes that means having sauteed mustard and turnip greens with a fried egg and duck liver pâté on toast.
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A second time

The first time I tried to make red wine vinegar, I used the very large (2 gallon, I think) crock you see in the background, and the exposed surface area was just too great: most of the alcohol evaporated before the mother could really get going, and instead of fermentation, I had a seriously bad case of mold. My only recourse was to throw the whole thing out. I kept the crock, obviously.
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Small fry

As part of the Try New Things Project, I’ve been buying and cooking more little fish.
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Limited bandwidth

I forget sometimes that I like cooking and eating certain things.
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Quite simply

The best.
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Less is more

This is the soup of my childhood.
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Bedside reading

I’m late to the game on this series, and I have no idea how that’s possible, because it’s like they’re writing this just for me.

(Not to be solipsistic or anything.)

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Two great tastes that taste great together

Actually five, if you count the olive oil, sunflower seeds, and salt. Highly recommended.


We do a lot more cooking way uptown — there just aren’t as many options for eating out or delivery as there were in Brooklyn, which is mostly a boon — but sometimes neither of us gets home till 10pm, and nobody feels like doing anything more than reheating leftovers or prepared foods.
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