Sometime last year

I had a couple of weeks where I was really on a roll with dinner, and I remembered to pull out the Bronica to document these rare events. But all the dust accumulating in the apartment thwarted my efforts to scan the negatives myself, so the developed rolls just sat. And sat. And sat. Until! Last week, on a very good tip from Brian, I found a guy who could fix my problem. (In this town, there is always a guy who can fix your problem.) (Thanks, Brian!)

It’s now been so long (maybe a year? Longer?) since I took these, that I can’t actually be sure what they all are. This looks like some kind of pesto with peas. Ramp pesto, even.

Now making regular appearances since its introduction: meatloaf and bell pepper on very good brioche rolls from Roberta’s.

Sautéed soft shell crabs with peas and onions.

A very respectable chicken parm.

I thought at first this was a riff on carbonara, but I think it’s actually these delicious wheat noodles that my parents’ friends make at their factory in St. Louis, stir-fried with asparagus and… mushrooms? Green onions? These noodles are the best I’ve ever tasted, better than any that I’ve had in China or Taiwan, even. I request that my parents bring them when they visit, and I hoard 5-lb boxes of them in our pantry.

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