This recipe is a welcome addition to the repertoire.

We were looking for new avenues for our usual pan-seared scallops and happened to have a few rashers of bacon hanging out in the fridge. We think the wine has a lot to do with how good this came out. We used 2007 Dettori Romangia Bianco, an incredible Vermentino I got from my buddy Jeremy’s excellent mail-order program, Do Bianchi. It’s got so much vigor and backbone; it’s a white that really drinks like a red.

The book this recipe — cod braised with tahini — came from came highly recommended by a pair of excellent home cooks. (They also told me about Eat Your Books, which I have found useful from an organizational standpoint thus far and am sure the site will increase in utility commensurately with the size of my cookbook library.) This was the first recipe I’ve tried so far, and it yielded respectable, if not particularly exciting results. But tahini and cod! Did you know they would go together so well? They do. The artichoke hearts are a favorite frozen item from Trader Joe’s, sauteed quickly in olive oil with a little salt.

There’s a version in the Moro cookbook too, it seems.

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