The Bees of Crockett

Here’s an opportunity to get your hands on some extraordinary honey. A friend of mine, Earl Flewellen, has started a Kickstarter campaign to expand his backyard apiary in Crockett, CA.

This honey is serious. Definitely the best I’ve tasted.
And Earl is so passionate about beekeeping.

A jar of Earl’s honey, shipped to your door, is 10 bucks.
Pretty amazing.
I mean, you can hardly buy a piece of paper for $10 anymore.

You won’t get the honey in time for the holidays this year (it’s winter, after all).
But as you build anticipation, you’ll be helping Earl build capacity.

Here’s the project; go get some honey!


1 Response to “The Bees of Crockett”

  1. 1 Earl Flewellen December 19, 2010 at 1:10 pm


    Thanks for writing about The Bees of Crockett! I love your blog and I’m very honored to be among your favorites. Tell Karl’s (kumbucha) mother I say “Hello”. And any time she wants to send one of her offspring up to Crockett for some baby sitting, our pantry door is wide open!

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