Summer eats

I’ve eaten way more than I’ve photographed this summer. But here’s some stuff I happened to capture:

Dean’s Spanish chorizo and queixo tetilla pizza, in Bushwick.

One of Karl’s favorite new discoveries: nacatamal — huge Nicaraguan tamales, steamed in plantain leaves. The filling is really surprising: aside from the regular masa and chicken or pork, it includes a fresh chile, rice, mint leaves, and tomatoes. To be eaten with a tortilla and a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning.

Speaking of things that are huge, we went here a few weeks ago:

We walked across it in four days, taking a super leisurely and fun route. It was an amazing trip that could not have gone better. We did lots of cooking on rocks tree stumps, and though we ate mostly rehydrated astronaut food, everything tastes incredible when you’ve been carrying a small apartment up a cliff all day, and when you get to cook and eat in places like this:


2 Responses to “Summer eats”

  1. 1 lauren September 15, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    i was just fishing around for some good summertime recipes with lime and carrots and i literally was directed to this by the internet! it was fate! and what an amazing trip that was!!!


  2. 2 Phil April 11, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    Very good website mate. Found it by looking up different fruit types and came across your section from 2006.

    Well done

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