Fāsuto fūdo

After our whirlwind tour of Taiwan, we hopped on a plane to Japan, where we had

ramen (in Shibuya)

yakitori (in an alleyway full of izakaya in Shinjuku)

tempura (at Ten-Ichi in Ginza)

tonkatsu (somewhere between Shibuya and Omotesando)

soba (in Kyoto)

sushi (on the Shinkansen)

and okonomiyaki (an assemble-and-cook-it-yourself version, also in Shibuya, where I kept returning, mostly because of the most amazing general goods store in the world).

I was surprised that nearly every meal — the ramen may have been the only exception — was accompanied by pickles. That practice seems largely to have been lost in translation to Western shores — a most unfortunate development. I was happy a couple of nights ago to see a little dish of them appear with my negi tori don at Yakitori Totto. Perhaps their presence might serve as an indicator of authenticity or — something less slippery — an uncompromising kitchen?


1 Response to “Fāsuto fūdo”

  1. 1 Marie April 25, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    I am absolutely obsessed/dependent on pickled items, so that accompaniment sounds extra delicious to me. You guys ate so well!

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