Nobel Surprise

Dear readers, let’s collaborate on a timely recipe.

All I have right now is a name. It’s called Nobel Surprise.
What is it? And what’s the surprise?
It’s probably based on something Norwegian and famous.
An autumn dish, like cardamom cake with pear baked inside.

Perhaps there is a touch of Kenya? Cloudberry wienerbrød, served with changaa-spiked whipped cream?

Maybe it’s not a dessert.

Maybe it’s an appetizer. It’s a teaser, suggesting magical things could happen later in the meal. It’s tasty, sure, but like a dish at El Bulli, the hype about Nobel Surprise sometimes gets out of control, and stratospheric expectations can’t always be met.

What do you think Nobel Surprise is?

UPDATE 10/17/09:
So that you know I’m serious about Nobel Surprise, I’m throwing out the first (and maybe the only) serious option: I made some cardamom milk cake last night and drizzled dark chocolate on it. The dark chocolate is the surprise, of course. Maybe it should’ve been milk chocolate, but I don’t like milk chocolate (and I hope you don’t think I’m bi-racist for saying it).

Cardamom milk cake
OK, I admit it. This whole thing was just an excuse for me to make dessert…


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