BLT 2009: Double the bacon, double the fun

That was 2008.

This was 2009:

This year, more than half our toaster hook-ups dried up, there was no dessert portion of the evening, and we overcompensated on the lettuce front, but we had Tim’s mayonnaises, more of the best tomato jam ever, Don’s bacon bourbon Old Fashioneds, and 25 pounds of bacon, with representation from (drumroll, please):

Allan Benton / Madisonville, TN
Pleroma Farm / Hudson, NY
Mountain View Farm / Jackson, NY
Bradley Farm / New Paltz, NY
Jeffrey’s Meat Market / New York, NY
Char No. 4 / Brooklyn, NY
Los Paisanos Meat Market / Brooklyn, NY
some Polish butcher (double-smoked!) / Brooklyn, NY
me (pork belly from Fleisher’s / Brooklyn, NY

Can’t wait for 2010.


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