Patterson House

The Crew at the bar

I have been unapologetically hermitic and haven’t left the house here in Nashville after 6pm in weeks. But last night I got to try a new speakeasy called The Patterson House.

The vibe: roaring 20s in the south. Walnut bar, bartenders in vests and ties, pressed copper ceiling, and dark built-in bookshelves everywhere giving a parlor feel. Beautiful cylindrical glass chandeliers cast a warm glow. And the music is just as I like it in bars: felt but not heard.

The cocktails are the best I’ve had in recent memory: perfectly balanced and cleverly crafted without being over-the-top. Classic with a thoughtful contemporary twist. I had The Maisie Day, made with Luzianne infused gin, lemon, egg white, and lemon bitters and it had a lovely lemon creamcicle flavor up front and the Luzianne tea added a nice, subtly tannic finish. The ice is formed into a single perfect sphere (to fit Old Fashioned glasses) or elongated rectangle (for Collins glasses). Patterson makes their own syrups and bitters from fresh fruit and herbs, and they’ve designed 50 cocktails including a Bacon Old Fashioned with Benton bacon macerated 4 Roses bourbon, maple syrup, and coffee pecan bitters—which I didn’t get to try. Another reason to return. Not that I need it.

The small plates: Delicious. The chef is a veteran of The Fat Duck, Craft, and Alinea. The only other thing I have to say about the food is “BBQ pork sliders.” Hell yes!

(Photo by Chris Wage)


1 Response to “Patterson House”

  1. 1 asarwate May 3, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    As long as that vibe does not include “Jim Crow” I’m down. Sounds nummy — there are similar places I’ve been to in California, but I’m not sure about them bringing both the cocktails and the food.

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