Have a heart

Goose, lamb, or pig is the question?

Or maybe a goose gizzard?

Here, trimmed of silverskin. Goose heart on the right.

I submerged them in goose and duck fat with some herbs and cooked them very, very slowly in the oven for a few hours. And when they were done, I left them in the fridge for a month (vacation, nobody around to eat them with, etc.), but a month or so ago, I took them over to Tim’s and we put together a little snack.

Pleasant Ridge Reserve, dinner rolls fried in goose fat, lamb and goose heart, and some kind of jam.


1 Response to “Have a heart”

  1. 1 VOEGTLIN January 26, 2010 at 12:59 pm

    Heart confit?!

    Never had any luck with gizzards, although there are 100s of places around me in GA that do just fine frying the hell out of them.

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