Refrigerator raid: Tim

Name: Tim
Age: 33
Occupation: Cooker
Grocery shops: Twice a week
Cooks: Three times a week
Eats out: The other times that I don’t cook. Or a lot.

Favorite condiment: Mustard. There are five types in my fridge, from your typical Dijon, to German sweet, whole grain, extra spicy, and another extra hot German variety. and Sriracha gets a lot of play.
Favorite beer: Lately, Ommegang’s Belgian-style ales, NY-made, well-crafted beers
Favorite wine: You can see a lot of bubbly stuff in there. There is cava, a sparkling chenin blanc from the Loire, Lambruscos, and it’s rosé season, so that too.
Favorite takeout: Lately into Zaytoons, which is a sort of dirty local middle eastern spot with a serviceable shawarma sandwich.

Grossest thing in there
: Probably a tie between the months-old half-drunken bottle of red Gatorade from a hungover morning, and the half-eaten Greek yogurt and overly sweet store-bought granola (try to make my own) although the champagne mangoes on top probably give the edge to the Gatorade. Also: the nacho-style cheese barely visible in the back of the top shelf. I actually kinda like the stuff. More a most embarassing thing as opposed to a grossest.

Other things of note
: a foie torchon that I made a while ago covered in duck fat. And the Campari and gin visible on top of the fridge which illustrate my current Negroni obsession… also visible is a jar of pickled peppers from last years fire escape garden.


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