Good to the last drop

I, for one, am totally grateful for the abundance of ramen in NYC.

Ippudo’s shiromaru ramen has a sweetly porky, buttery broth. The akamaru has a red sauce (that seems like it must be at least partly chile oil, the way it beads up in the soup) that tastes familiar, but I can’t place it. Pleasantly firm noodles on the skinny side — I think I prefer the heft and girth of Setagaya’s, and I think you get more noodles there too, but these were equally tasty.

Jeremy said his pork was some of the best pork he’s ever had. Unfortunate that I didn’t get to try any of his, since my slices were rather dry and the fat a bit waxy. Jeremy probably would have licked the bowl clean if he weren’t so polite and well socialized.

Quality-wise, as far as noodles-in-soup goes, I think this matches Setagaya, but the deep marine essence of Setagaya’s broth totally has me in thrall — I think I’ll give S the edge. But I’ll go back to Ippudo for sure. They’ve got a lot more seating and it’s more comfortable too.

There is also a sweet bar:


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