This one’s got legs

(In homage to the last season of The Wire. RIP.)
(What will I watch now?)

Pura Vida didn’t have any flounder roe at the Greenmarket this weekend, but they did have squid again. I got the skate as well, but I’m working on perfecting my skate technique — to at least make it somewhat photogenic (as yet, it ain’t). I’ve cooked squid twice in the past ten days. I should say also that I’ve cooked it twice in my life, ever. Which is shocking, now that I’ve experienced for myself how easy and fast it is to prepare. And pretty idiot-proof in the taste department.

I sauteed cabbage with onions (a nod to the O’Yangs), cooked up a big pot of rice, and stirfried some squid and celery with a lot of salt and pepper, a little slivered ginger and a healthy dose of fish sauce. No recipe, just a thought I had as I was walking home from the subway. The ex-vegetarian was a fan, which was very satisfying indeed. I will definitely make this again. (Don’t be surprised, also, if pork goes underground for a while and cephalopods get a lot of play.)

I think I might be getting this whole cooking-like-Mom thing. And I didn’t even know that’s what I’d been craving all along.

(Also, the Wire reference doesn’t really go beyond the post title.)


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