Refrigerator raid: Foo

Name: The Foo household
Age: 27 + 32
Occupation: Student + Art Appraiser
Location: San Francisco
Grocery shops: weekly farm box supplemented by just less-than-weekly grocery trip. This week’s farm box includes the following items that you can see in the photo: carrots, mandarins, baby bok choy, potatoes
Cooks: few times a week
Eats out: few times a week
Favorite condiment: magic japanese salad dressing (upper right of fridge door, red cap and stripes). otherwise I mostly like to buy condiments, use them once, and then let them go bad. Like the June Taylor ketchup and spiced pear butter that I can’t bear to throw out. Pickles regularly become moldy before going to the trash. In fact I can pick out about 4 containers of pickled items from the photo.
Favorite beverage: 12 yr Jameson + Ron Zacapa 23 yr Rum (sorry you can’t see the liquor cabinet in this photo). Fridge-wise, most common beverage is Lactaid (I have a fake psychosomatic lactose intolerance — and see, there are two containers of it) and Crystal Geyser sparkling water (but right now we don’t have any of it).
Favorite takeout: almost never happens
Grossest thing in there: Fishballs from Ranch99 that my mom bought that are too freezer-burned to cook but I feel guilty about throwing out. And probably at least one bottle of spoiled wine. Luckily A. cleared the fridge of most moldy stuff a few days ago. Oh and there’s that reddi-whip that we bought for the vat of spiked hot chocolate we made at a party once. Yes, we made hot chocolate from real chocolate and then we put whipped cream out of a can onto it. Not my idea.

I stopped putting vegetables in the vegetable drawers because then I would forget about them and they would go bad. Since I haven’t figured out what I can put in them and not forget about them, they are just empty. Oh shit I just remembered that the chard from the box this week is in the drawer. See? I already forgot.

Container at the very top of fridge right is leftover fried chicken + mac n cheese + collards from hard knox last night. I didn’t have it for lunch today because I was eating leftover rigatoni + lamb sausage from aperto from two nights ago — I figured a fork-based meal would be easier to handle than fried chicken for a work lunchroom activity.


3 Responses to “Refrigerator raid: Foo”

  1. 1 winyang February 2, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    Can’t blame you for not being able to throw out the June Taylor — what is it, like $9 ketchup? What’s this magic Japanese dressing? Is it miso/soy sauce/rice vinegar or something? Does it have Kewpie mayonnaise in it? Also do most condiments actually go bad? My family was terrible about getting through condiments (soy sauce doesn’t count as one, obviously; that stuff was as fundamental as salt in our household), and I remember that we had the same bottles of ketchup and mustard through most of my childhood. We did not have hot dogs very often. Went through lots of A-1 though.

  2. 2 catfoo February 4, 2008 at 1:23 pm

    I will post about the japanese dressing in a moment. I think the june taylor goes bad though — doesn’t it not have any preservatives in it? I always assumed that ketchup and mustard could last forever because they’re not actually made from anything except for chemicals.

  3. 3 Dahveed March 3, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    I recommend using the veg bins for booze. You never forget that it’s in there (is booze ever far from one’s mind?), and it clears up useful shelf space so you can watch your leafy greens go yellow, then black, then slimy, day by day by fascinating day.

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