Refrigerator Raid: Anonymous

Name: Anonymous
Age: 60s [I think. –Ed.]
Occupation: Food writer
Grocery shops: Frequently. Sometimes several times a day.
Cooks: Frequently
Eats out: Frequently
Favorite beverage: Diet Coke

Besides the Ronnybrook milk, Stoneybrook yogurt, cream cheese, Hershey’s chocolate syrup, and various kinds of butter I see in there, there’s also Ziyad brand butter ghee (of unknown age), 18-year-old Vermont maple syrup, Tête du Moine on a Girolle, homemade gravlaks (made in late Oct/early Nov), and 3 boxes of Medjool dates from Bautista farms hidden in the back.

There is A LOT of ice cream in the freezer. Some homemade (some of those made with liquid nitrogen), some not. Is that goosefat in the jar at the bottom? This freezer is definitely at a very precarious equilibrium. One more frozen pea and the whole thing’s gonna come crashing down.

And yeah, that’s duct tape holding it all together.


1 Response to “Refrigerator Raid: Anonymous”

  1. 1 foo February 1, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    should i take a photo of my fridge for you?

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