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Maybe this is normal in New York — though it’s certainly the first of its kind that I’ve seen. I grew up in a house where the fridge was so full, you’d open the door and shit would fall out and excavating whatever you wanted from its interior was a tricky, delicate business, not unlike playing Jenga. This, I can’t even fathom. But it belongs to one of my friends. Anyone want to venture a guess who? First one with the correct answer gets a box of barely used Arm & Hammer. (What I love best about this fridge is that those six-pack containers are all empty.)

I’m still working my way through that southern Indian cookbook. The author’s adapted a very tropical cuisine to her adopted homeland (this one, that is), and that means dishes like cabbage pan-fried with coconut and chiles (and mustard seed and curry leaves, etc.). Cabbage isn’t tropical she says, but this dish works well, and I think it might be one to add to the ol’ repertoire.

Let it be noted that eating half a head of cabbage in one sitting is ill-advised. I have this unfortunate tendency to overdo it when it comes to certain kinds of food — if it’s a vegetable or fruit, I figure that it’s good for me, so more of it has to be better, right? Dead, dead wrong. Eating five apples in one sitting is wrong. Just try it and see if you don’t end up curled up on the floor in the fetal position. (I don’t know why I never picked up this knowledge, but I guess it’s part of being in the Clean Plate Club and consuming enormous quantities of such foods when I was a child. When I mentioned the five apples to Marisa and Maria, they were like, Why would you eat five apples? Apparently other people only crave an apple, singular.)


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