Thankful for

15 East’s uni.

Deviled eggs.

Zabb’s fish with lime.

What is it about deviled eggs and meatloaf that fascinates me so? Must be because I never had either of them until I was well away from home and probably out of college too. These foods carry with them all the cultural trappings and meaning of whole decades that I wasn’t yet alive to experience, which somehow makes them as exciting to eat as my mom’s dumplings (which is pretty damn exciting). Know what I mean?

Department of WTF: this insanity. (Or should it be the Department of Misspent Tax Dollars? You decide.) (Thanks, Joyce.)


1 Response to “Thankful for”

  1. 1 joyce November 29, 2007 at 4:40 am

    i concur about the deviled eggs and meatloaf (perhaps it’s our deep-rooted midwesternity?). the thing that totally intrigues/horrifies me about deviled eggs is that you’re taking a part of one cohesive unit of food (with a handy indentation!), doing things to it, and then putting it back in the same place and basically making it look like nothing happened. okay, you’re actually making it look like it’s been digested already. come on, isn’t that weird? or is it a divine act of genius? what other kinds of food do you do this to? (plus one theme! food ouroboros!)

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