In search of the perfect meatball, part i: Lunetta

No more mucking about.
No more manicotti distractions or slumming ducks.

It’s time to get serious.

Lunetta (Brooklyn, yo)
[5-point scale scorecard]
Size: 4.5 [about 2″ in diameter; forgot the tape measure]
Consistency: 3.5 [dense crumb, yet still tender, with discernible grind; could be juicier]
Flavor: 3.5 [could use more salt, but good umami]
Sauce: 2 [thin in every possible way, but nice festive green flecks]
Integrity: 4.5 [holds together under duress]
Secret category: 3.5
Overall: 21.5/30

Even though Perilla’s meatballs are disqualified because of their main ingredient (not to mention the egg), I’d rank them ahead of these. These are about even with Frankies 457 (but with much different scores, it must be said).

What other meatballs are worthy contenders, in your estimation? Feel free to make suggestions in the comments. (And note that this quest knows no bounds: for good meatballs, I will travel.)


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