Joyce in the Big Apple: a few highlights

Bosnian burger (pljeskavica, I believe) at Djerdan. I’ve been meaning to hit this place for years to try the bureks (delightfully sour in that Eastern European kind of way and very tasty), and we just happened upon it after being thwarted by a Jewish-holiday closing of Olympic Pita and the very-hard-to-find Pick-a-Pita. But we were happy to be thwarted after eating this.

Katsu curry at Go!Go! Curry. A block east of Djerdan, I think (we somehow spent an unusual amount of time in the Times Square area — mostly because we were doing a xerox transfer class, but still, I’ve probably spent more time there in the past few months than I have in the six years previous). The Japanese really know how to do comfort food. Or food that goes great with beer (are these maybe equivalent?). Japanese curry always weirded me out by its incredibly viscous consistency and unidentifiable spicing (faint as it is — is that cumin? A little turmeric maybe? Wikipedia, you’re no help at all on this one), but it’s undeniably tasty in its sweet saltiness. And maybe I like that thick sauce for its similarity to old-school gravy (not unlike the Bisto of which the British are so fond). The katsu curry is extra good, of course, since it’s, you know, breaded, deep-fried pork.

Speaking of breaded, deep-fried pork, this is the pig’s head torchon we had at Momofuku Ssam the other day. Perhaps one of the few things on the menu that’s just a little too much. Extremely fatty (inside the crispy exterior, the puck seems to be bound together by a gooey band of pig fat) and unctuous, but very tasty. We split one puck and then I polished off the other a couple days later for lunch. And felt a little woozy for the 12 hours following. I’ll let Joyce tell you about the apple kimchi, since she loves it so, but she really would have to get off her lazy tochus to do that, wouldn’t she? Ha! Just kidding, Joyce.

Yeah, I know all this pork coverage is getting kind of tiresome (and really, though it’s my favorite protein, I really don’t go out of my way to eat it. I know you don’t believe me, but I’d much rather be eating vegetables. My clothing would much rather that I eat vegetables too, come to think of it.) We tagged along with Robert to Poodam’s in Astoria. I still haven’t been to Zabb, but this definitely ups the ante as far as Issan Thai in Queens is concerned. This is a supposed pork belly dish, but I have a feeling it involves a different pig part (just as tasty, less fatty). They’re not afraid of the scovilles here, and the extremely sticky rice doesn’t really do much to cut the heat. Check this out: they’ve thrown down the gauntlet with a (as-yet inoperable, but surprisingly attractive) website.

Wow, all this food is more or less the same color.


1 Response to “Joyce in the Big Apple: a few highlights”

  1. 1 dobianchi October 23, 2007 at 12:42 pm

    Please keep the pork coverage coming! Evidently Momofuku Ssam allows corkage and has decent stemware. I’ve got to check it out. Anyway, please more porkage!

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