Current obsessions, Canadian edition

I spent the weekend submerged in, surrounded and inundated by inspiration. I don’t know if it’s the independent-minded spirit of that big nation to the north or a certain DIY aesthetic, but this stuff is amazing:

Haida art. Check this, this, and this out. First saw it in Vancouver a few weeks ago and then again this weekend, and the images have been floating in my head ever since.
– Slightly related to the previous: Emily Carr.
Worn journal.
preloved. Specifically, my newly acquired fashioned-old-sweaters preloved fall wardrobe.
– the new Manu Chao album (which isn’t really Canadian in any sense, except that I heard a sick track off it blasting from the speakers of a record shop while I was walking down Mont Royal in Montreal this afternoon.)
Première Moisson, quite possibly the best bakery chain ever.

But more on Canadian gustatory delights tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Current obsessions, Canadian edition”

  1. 1 Anthony September 5, 2007 at 11:37 pm

    you might also appreciate the work of this artist… i just saw an exhibit of his in santa fe…

    keep on eating that pork! you impress and inspire with your gluttony!


  2. 2 daisy September 7, 2007 at 12:04 pm

    i LOVE preloved. fun store, nice people, funky styles. i have a jacket made of men’s khakis and a mumu. also a women’s shirt made of men’s blue oxford button-downs. classy.

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