August is for eating


In order from more recent to less, more or less:

Yes, I was one of the lucky sons-of-bitches that got to go to Meatopia IV. Post-mortems can be found here and here, and if those aren’t enough, get a load of the video too.

Hopped on the F out to Jackson Heights last night for a Deshi extravaganza. My favorite was the mashed potato fritter with hard-boiled egg hidden inside. Someone should come up with a concept restaurant where eggs (hard-boiled, poached, fried, whatever) are hidden in everything. That would be totally awesome. And I would go. A lot.

Missed a couple weeks of CSA because of Kenya and Canada, but here’s the most recent haul. It just keeps getting better and better. I still can’t stop myself from dropping by the Union Square Greenmarket three times a week though — those lima beans! Heirloom tomatoes! Melons! And I’m a sucker for drupes at their peak.

My extremely handsome and incredibly brilliant and talented lawyer buddy Jeremy invited me along to dinner at Anthos. Which looked like this. And actually looks better than it tasted. Which is to say, it looks pretty awesome, doesn’t it? It was good. Maybe even very good. But not awesome.

Dinner a couple of weeks ago at Yeti, a Nepalese-Japanese restaurant in Sunnyside. I really like this weird rice flake thing. Don’t get the sushi.

And here we are, a week further back in Belfast, Maine, at Chase’s Daily. Now this place is what I call awesome. I would go here every day if I lived in this town.

This is what real Maine lobster rolls look like. No binders, just lobster meat. Mayo or drawn butter on the side. From Red’s Eats in Wiscasset. I really like saying “Wiscasset.”

Wild blueberries from a roadside stand. Maine is a great state for eating.

Poutine at Duckfat in Portland, Maine. Just you wait, I’m headed up to Montreal for Labor Day Weekend and you best be believin’ that I’m headed straight to Au Pied du Cochon. And yeah, you’ll get all the dirt when I get back.

August is also for travelling. And after getting back from Kenya, I thought to myself, “Screw it — who needs to get over jetlag?” and went to Vancouver/Whistler, which looks like this:

and this:

And Wiscasset at sunset looks like this:

Alright, September, bring it: I’m getting kinda hungry.


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