48 hours: A stomach’s perspective

Squash blossoms from the Greenmarket. Sauteed. Salted. Devoured.

A summertime staple: pesto and whatever pasta I have lying around that picks up the most sauce per bite. Cinnamon basil from the Greenmarket. And yeah, I use a blender, which probably means I’m going to special pesto hell, but mortar-and-pestle style is definitely some kerfuffle I don’t want to even think about when it’s egg-frying weather outside.

Tableside at Degustation. That’s our soft shell crab he’s plating up.

The highlight for me was the lamb belly, but the cigalas make for some nice geometry, no?

Zongzi for breakfast from the street cart at the corner of East Broadway and Essex. Her cheung fun (rice noodles) are pretty good too (especially for a dollar), but the sticky rice reminds me of my mom’s, which is high praise indeed. And for dessert, we got a little action from the Egg Custard King.

Meatballs are the new black.

Brunch at Stanton Social was a pleasant surprise. Low-key and a couple notches above solid, food-wise. And plus, the eats are ridiculously photogenic. I mean, check this out (but you might want to put something protective on your keyboard before you drool all over it):

This is the breakfast bruschetta: perfectly scrambled egg atop what I assumed was tomato confit. And looks like there’s some cheese on there and some other fun stuff, but really it was so damn tasty I wasn’t really paying attention. And yes, that’s a mini lobster roll back there. Tasted as good as it looks.


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