Off the Hook

I [finally!] made it out to the Red Hook ballfields yesterday afternoon, and what a glorious afternoon it was:

Somehow I’d persuaded myself that Red Hook was too much of a pain in the tochus to get to, but yesterday the MTA god must have smiled upon us, because we made the G-77 transfer without breaking a sweat (or only breaking a sweat because it was 87° out there).

One thing’s for sure though, the Red Hook trip requires a crew, because there’s just too much to try. I will be back. And I plan on going as often as possible, since this year might be their last.

Recent discoveries:

  • A Voce’s duck meatballs are overhyped. They’d make a good meatball sub, but really, Frankies 457 classic ‘balls are what I’m craving.
  • My ice cream hero has been biographied.
  • Saw “Memories of Matsuko” at the Japan Society as part of the NYAFF and the Japan Society’s JAPAN CUTS. I don’t think any movie has made me weep so much — and this is an irreverent musical about a dead bag lady, no less. I must own it. And you must see it.
  • My new favorite food blog. And yeah, you can bet the Reynaud book is coming soon to a bookshelf near me.

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