You can call me Wiinnie

After yet another round of pork (the whole pork butt at Momofuku Ssam — good, yet definitely something I could make myself for a tenth the price), I prevailed upon Brian to help me work off all that pig fat with some Wii action. I’d not yet had a chance to partake in the Wii phenomenon, but people, let me tell you, I’m totally going out and getting one tomorrow. I mean, I want to. (Whether it actually happens is another thing entirely. It might have to go second on the list after “get a hamster.”) Tennis and boxing are AWESOME. My right arm and shoulder are sore from all the butt-kicking I’ve been doing. Yeah, I can get into the video games.

I would just like to confirm that Stand’s toasted marshmallow milkshake IS that good. Francis did a very effective job posting about it, and I’d fixated on getting one for four days straight and then finally managed to get my hands on one. And it’s true, I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Brian tells me the ricotta-pistachio is even better.


2 Responses to “You can call me Wiinnie”

  1. 1 geozeldadude June 25, 2007 at 3:16 pm

    i want a WII!!!!!! (or is it “i wanna wii” haha)

  1. 1 The fat straw is necessary « Get in my belly Trackback on October 27, 2007 at 11:20 am

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