More than you ever thought you wanted to know about me

I’ve been tagged by Isaac for one of these meme things. Here goes.

Bloggers must post these rules and provide eight random facts about themselves. In the post, the tagged blogger tags eight other bloggers and notifies them that they have been tagged.

[Preface: something you probably do know, if you know me at all, is that I have obsessive tendencies and my obsessions tend to be kind of weird.]

1. I have this thing where I have to get my hair cut when I travel to far-off destinations, and so when I was in Hong Kong, I thought it would be a good idea to request “anime hair” and get a perm (not the curly kind, the kind where my hair stood straight up and out) and an Edward Scissorhands haircut. I liked it. (This might count as three separate random facts, actually, but I’m giving you a bonus here.)

2. I have this other thing when I travel where I have to buy foreign bath products. And tinned sardines (though if you’ve kept up with this blog, you already know the latter). There’s this amazing grapefruit shower stuff that Palmolive only makes in France that I am hoarding forever. Or at least until I can get over there again.

3. When walking somewhere (particularly some place I go to regularly), I have this compulsion to take the most direct (in my mind) route there, which means basically walking on the side of the street where I’ll eventually have to turn, crossing as soon as possible to get to that side, etc.

4. In elementary school, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would respond with either farmer, grocery store checkout clerk, or president of the USA. Only one of which seems even remotely plausible now.

5. Reading or watching anything where animals undergo any kind of suffering makes me cry.

6. I made it to the regional finals of the Spelling Bee. Twice. I tripped up on “perjury” the second year. The first year was some word that means “a volcanic area” or something.

7. I had probably (my memory of this is hazy) five hamsters (only two of them simultaneously at one point) when I was very young, and though they each may have started out with different names (Houdini (a girl) is the only one I can really remember right now), they all eventually became known as Hammy.

8. I have a weakness for terribly pretentious German and Latin words and phrases.

Tag, you’re it: Cecily, Ganda, Carl, Molly, Anand, Gus, Fred, and Foo (I know that’s probably cheating, since they technically contribute to this blog, but I’d like to hear what they’ve got to say, and you do too.).


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