Annual pea-shelling shot

Third year running, and still I can’t get enough:

You know what? New York peas are as good as Italian peas. Especially when you start shelling and eating them as soon as you walk away from the stall at the market. And they’re also good this way:

I riffed on another Sunday Suppers at Lucques (I am loving this cookbook) recipe. Goin calls for orecchiette, but I like my carbonara with bucatini. And just plain ol’ bacon without the addition of pancetta (since, let’s face it, I’ve got a lot of bacon to get through), since I’ve not found a guanciale source in this town. I like her pea and pea shoot idea, though, and kept that. Unfortunately, I had about five minutes to enjoy dinner, because I got an 11th hour call from my brilliant, extremely good-looking, and artistically virtuosic lawyer friend Jeremy to go see Bright Eyes at Town Hall (and really, I can live with choking down my pasta in record time if it means seeing

special guest Ben Gibbard play “405” and “I Will Follow You Into the Dark”.) Thanks, Jeremy! I owe you many dinners.

I have been tearing it up on the book front:
David Mitchell’s “Blackswangreen” and Martin Amis’s “The Rachel Papers” are both worth your time. God, Amis is kind of a douche, isn’t he? But I like him anyway.

Also worth your time:
Panda Bear’s “Person Pitch” (but dude, how unrewarding was the Animal Collective/Danielson show at South St. Seaport? I think it’s because I made the idiot move of standing in the front amongst the rowdy youth)
Peter Bjorn & John’s “Writer’s Block”
“Knocked Up” — I heart Seth Rogen.


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