Pasqua 2007: On the Island

Lucky me: I got to take part in one of the best Italian holiday traditions, ever: the all-day-long Easter dinner. Actually, I’m not sure if that’s a tradition, since my last Pasqua was less about sitting down with family around a loaded table, and more about the best focaccia in the world. The tradition I do know about, however, is that Pasquetta (“Little Easter,” or the Monday after Easter) is all about barbecues.

This year, Italian Easter took place in Garden City, Long Island, and hostess Rose outdid herself (with a little help):

primo: rigatoni in a ragù cooked down with milk

caponata (made by a real, live, actual factual sicilian nonna, no less)

piselli e carciofi

funghi farciti

piatto pieno, pancia piena. (In the rear there, flanked by roasted potato wedges, you’ll see a hunk of lamb, which is indeed an Italian Easter tradition.)

I was feeling pretty farcita myself by this point, so unfortunately, no photos of dessert.


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