Who’s that in the kitchen?

Not me this week. Cecily brought her housemate Kyle over for dinner on Monday, and somehow he ended up doing all the dirty work. Could be because he actually does this for a living. Just look at how he takes down a bird:

Cecily’s not bad with the bread knife either.

And just in case you didn’t get a good look at the charcuterie + cheese plate:

Kyle actually made both the salame and the chorizo himself and aged them both in his parents’ basement in Jersey. Both were delectable. I’m nearly inspired enough to go looking for some casing. Kyle, you’re my hero!

I made a big stink about doing something with the chicken’s liver (one of my favorite bits of the bird), and so Kyle indulged me and made me a little

chicken liver snack. Sautéed with a nice little winey pan sauce with sage. Yum.

And this is everything, all together (save for the liver, which at this point was long gone, thanks to me): roasted chicken and cauliflower with braised red cabbage (with onions and a little apple).

And then Wednesday, lucky girl that I am, I was treated to a fine homemade Korean meal by my new buddy Jim. I broke out my new Canon Rebel XT for the occasion, and holy shit — check out the difference:

I’m still working my way through the manual, so I haven’t quite figured out all the SLR thingies. Ordinarily, I hatehatehate how the flash will wash out an image, but look at the detail on the daikon kimchi!

I owe Jim big-time for this new (possibly secret) method of cooking fish. And no, I’m not telling.

But the pièce de résistance: soon dubu.


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