Playing at my house (at maaaah house)

(Cue LCD Soundsystem.)

But first, a trip to the Lower East Side and then another schlep out to Flushing (which is really not so bad on the LIRR, I’ve discovered, thanks to Ganda).

Marisa’s birthday at Freemans:

Flushing Food Court, round 4:

So this is how they make those pork-stuffed fish balls. Huh? How does this thing work?

Delicious omelet surprise. Inside, there’s a flat version of you tiao, plus a sort of intriguing yet cloying sweetly tangy sauce.

And then, back home in Brooklyn:

Bucatini all’Amatriciana, Brian’s mythically-proportioned salad, a lifetime supply of Sullivan St. Bakery bread, an improvised sformato di ricotta, not enough wine.

And though I’d not had the soundness of mind to take better photos of dinner last week, Cecily, luckily for us, did:

From 11 o’clock: Cecily’s version of spring rolls, my mom’s ribs (ribs made by me, recipe made by mom), rice (? That doesn’t really look like rice), and Amy’s delicious Asiany salad.


1 Response to “Playing at my house (at maaaah house)”

  1. 1 cecily March 13, 2007 at 6:42 pm

    not rice. cashew/greek yogurt dipping sauce. you know, for the nori wrapped thai spring rolls. asian fusion at its finest.

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