What up, east side?

High praise from all over lured us to laid-back Chiyono in the East Village when Korean fried chicken fell through. Could this be my new favorite eatery in the ‘hood?

could (pork belly, braised in soy sauce with a hard-boiled egg and green beans)

be (deep-fried daikon latke (that’s what i’m calling it, anyway) with soba).

Got a Taiwanese food fix today at Nan Bei He in Flushing (Prince and 40th Rd):

The standout was the pork intestine with Chinese celery. I unknowingly (one of the 2 untranslated items on the menu, so we had to order, natch) picked a pork intestine soup that looked identical, but they turned out to be very different. Where the tangy broth brought out the funkiness of the intestine, the stir-fried version had an unguent fattiness and sweet porkiness with a beguiling floral/vegetal hit from the celery. I would go back just for this. The you tiao were serviceable, but I noticed that everyone was ordering cong you bing. And they had those omelet/pancakes wrapped around beef too! We unfortunately missed breakfast service by 5 minutes, but that just means I get to go back. Taiwanese breakfast is the bestest.


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