So hot right now

I can’t help but notice that restaurants everywhere in New York are all serving the same thing again. They’ve moved past the pork belly (though it’s not been phased out, thank god), but now it’s all about piquillo peppers and tortilla española, even if we’re not doing strictly tapas (or Spanish, for that matter). There was some talk about the resurgence of cauliflower this year, but I’ve yet to really see that take hold. (And really, why would I pay to eat roasted cauliflower out anyway?)

Also omnipresent (though ominous): freakin’ tomatoes, of all things.

And yet another glorious reason to live in NYC:

Oyster happy hour at Marlow & Sons.

But let’s not kid ourselves here. The oysters don’t hold a candle to the

lamb, three ways. With olive oil-poached potatoes. Best damn lamb I’ve had since who knows when.


1 Response to “So hot right now”

  1. 1 greenbean February 1, 2007 at 10:00 pm

    hey winnie!

    looks like tasty fun yur havin’

    I was thinkin of you today as we planted the bag of cicerchia i claimed from your kitchen pile in Bra!

    i got some pics.. of soil mainly.. but i think the ritual dance to encourage them to grow might be bit more photogenic!!


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