High Heat

Linda and I trekked out to Flushing on Friday and waited patiently at the Flushing Food Court for the Chengdu eatery (all the way in the back, I think it’s called Chengdu Xiao Chi or something like that) people to get back behind the counter (they were out buying peanuts, it seems).

[I’ll see about filling in the void I’ve left from the past few weeks. What with moving, family vacationing and living out of a suitcase, I’ve fallen dreadfully behind.]

Linda, as usual, came very prepared: she’d printed out the menus for 2 of the stands, along with some chowhounder’s translation of both. Between those (which impressed the proprietors considerably) and my extremely poor Mandarin, we managed to order these:

The best dan dan mian this side of Sichuan. They’ve got the ma la DOWN here. My mouth was numb for an hour. (This is a good thing.)

Dry-fried green beans.

Spicy cold tendon.

Delicious, delicious ma po tofu.


1 Response to “High Heat”

  1. 1 foo January 19, 2007 at 7:37 am

    how do you feel about the dan dan mien at wu liang yi? 49th (or 48th?) between 5th and 6th. if you haven’t been, go with aaron sometime, it’s right across the street from his work. i always go with my parents when i’m there.

    (i’m certain the price ratio isn’t as good, though)

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