Dining & Wine does a number on us

Whoah. Did Bruni just review Spicy & Tasty or am I imagining things? (And plus, was this section always called “Dining & Wine” and I only noticed it just now? Nevermind, rhetorical question.) Is this Pete Wells’ doing? Meehan’s maybe? I guess they figured that if it worked okay with Sripraphai, it might also for S&T. This is a positive development, I think: the local paper is finally validating the top-notch ethnic establishments in the outer boroughs and not just throwing them a bone at the $25-and-under kiddie table. If this means that Wall Street types, Meatpackers and trustfunders start schlepping out to Flushing for cold jellyfish, I’m all for it. As long as I don’t have to sit next to them. What does this signify for Meehan and ≤$25? And for Chowhound? Does this mean Sietsema will have increasing competition for scooping the latest ethnic hole-in-the-wall? (Or will NYT continue to be a year behind on picking up on these stories, thereby signalling that its freshness has peaked? (Remember that story on PBR and hipsters?))


1 Response to “Dining & Wine does a number on us”

  1. 1 chich December 1, 2006 at 8:19 am

    it’s not over until they write an article about it in the style section.

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