kentucky animals, land and sea

i meant to post this a while back before winnie visited my homeland (i.e. kentucky) in case she needed something to do when she wasn’t stuffing her face. last time i was there i made two worthwhile excursions. first off: henry’s ark:

this is lesser known than it should be. it’s a completely open farm where you can see a load of farm animals (pigs, roosters, chickens, cows, goats, ducks) side by side with more exotic animals (camels, emu, zebra, monkeys). most are behind fences, but quite a few (including the emu) are just wandering around. people can drop in with vegetables (we brought carrots and celery) and crackers, and wander around feeding whatever they want. you’d think the setup would be chaotic, but it’s very laid back and everyone i saw visiting when i was there was responsible and self-policing. it’s located at: 7801 Rose Island Road, Prospect, KY 40059 (open every day til sunset except mondays), and here’s an interesting newsletter from 1999. fyi: prospect is right next to one of the edges of suburban louisville (and only a few minutes away from where my family lives).

second, the newport aquarium in newport, KY:

i haven’t been to boston’s aquarium in a while, but i remember when i went the second time i was fairly unimpressed. not so w/ the newport aquarium, located directly across from cincinnati (about 1.5 hours from louisville). they’ve clearly spent a lot of money on this, and some of the areas are quite amazing. in particular, they have some glass walkways underneath tanks where you’re completely surrounded by water above you and on both your sides, a small “rain forest” room where you can feed birds nectar, and a place where kids can pet starfish and another where they can pet sharks.

so now you know what to do for the next time you’re going through kentucky. 😉


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