not food related

I would like to declare that I intensely dislike justification. Is that even the right word? “Left/right justification” might be more accurate. I’m editing someone’s writing, and the justification causes the spacing to be all over the map. It interrupts my reading rhythm from one line to the next. The same action that provides a pleasant rectangular format from afar interferes with my reading enjoyment from up close.

Also, can we bring back those email alerts when new posts are uh, posted?


1 Response to “not food related”

  1. 1 fwc October 25, 2006 at 8:41 pm

    for members of this blog, you can just go to options -> discussion to sign up for emails. o/w you should use the RSS feed. i think you can also get an RSS feed for comments, but i’m not sure offhand.

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