NY eats fondly remembered

i’m ridiculously far behind on everything. but to cross off at least one thing from my list, here’s the recap of what andy and i sampled last time we were in new york (in august!):

bread (nolita): recommended by the ‘foo, but it was fairly disappointing. started w/ the bruschetta which was mediocre tomatoes on this ridiculously unserviceable thick white bread, and my pesto pasta was similarly bland. andy’s aged salami sandwich was a bit better though, and his cucumber yogurt dill soup was nice.

los dos molinos (119 east 18th, union sq): recommended by the village voice’s sietsema via winnie. we were hoping for some good mexican food for once, but this was completely ordinary save for the spiciness which was promised and delivered. i had a deep-fried burro and andy had a chicken chile plate, but both were completely unremarkable.

– all was not disappointment, however. blaue gans (139 duane st, tribeca) was a nice reco from winnie. for saturday (i think) brunch it was almost completely empty, with nice low-key waitstaff. andy had some fantastic sausage and i had the apple pancakes which were good, although rather more melt-in-your-mouth than i would prefer. my potatoes were simply fantastic though, although i’m not sure if they’re on the regular menu. we both had some memorable pastries as well.

thor (the hotel on rivington, 107 rivington st (between essex and ludlow st), LES): we count ourselves lucky that we got to thor before chef kurt gutenbrunner called it quits. i haven’t found the full text of the ny times article about it (the article that also mentions tom colicchio’s decision to leave gramercy tavern), but it happened soon after we were there and i believe it was motivated by his desire to bring more of his austrian background into the dishes and the owners’ resistance. from our experience, we heartily side with the chef. the meal we had was clearly of high standard and we definitely enjoyed it, but the menu was incredibly conservative and didn’t at all stand apart from your average high end american restaurant. andy had been hoping for some excellent meat a la blaue gans and both of us had been expecting a more unique experience. andy’s highlight was sardines w/ a lime relish over caramelized cauliflower and mine was a pretty nice chinese mushroom dish (both were appetizers).

and a quick link to end: winnie’s prob. already seen this, but i randomly came across a whole page with patterns for food to knit. knock yourself out!


1 Response to “NY eats fondly remembered”

  1. 1 catfoo October 18, 2006 at 5:21 am

    i really like the charcuterie platter at bread, although the second time we went, it was only 75% as good as the first time. i haven’t actually ventured far into the menu, though.

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