Another movie roundup

the apartment (1960): one of shirley maclaine’s big hits. a classic, but didn’t really do anything for me. very weird to see fred macmurray (of flubber (the original) fame) as the baddie.

babes in toyland (1961): blast from the past. fun disney flick, apparently based on a victor herbert operetta. not one of the best, esp. if you don’t have the added nostalgia factor, but there are some good moments/scenes inc. annette funicello as mary quite contrary.

chung hing sam lam (1994) (chungking express): wong kar wai. nice cinematography. in two distinct sections, one dramatic and one more comedic, with nothing really connecting the two. enjoyable, though, and i’d watch it again.

the devil wears prada (2006): fun summer movie. as most critics have pointed out: meryl streep lifts this up from the dreck it could’ve been. i couldn’t decide how much anne hathaway was annoying me, though.

heisei tanuki gassen pompoko (1994) (the raccoon war): somewhat trippy studio ghibli flick (miyazaki was one of the producers). typically japanese quirkiness with some raunchy humor and a fairly downer ending.

howards end (1992): entertaining enough and has emma thompson in an academy award-winning role. not quite a keeper though.

i can hear the sea (umi ga kikoeru) (1993) (tv): another studio ghibli flick. this one’s about a girl from tokyo forced to live in a small town because of her parent’s divorce. has some nice insights into adolescence, particularly at the end, but didn’t really resonate with me.

kind hearts and coronets (1949): alec guiness flick in which he plays multiple roles. fairly slow with little tension.

the muppet movie (1979): the first muppet movie. fairly slow and a slew of celebrity cameos that if you weren’t around at the time are fairly unrecognizable, but some great scenes esp. with ms. piggy, kermit, and fozzy.

notorious (1946): hitchcock suspense classic. nice performances by ingrid bergman, cary grant, and claude rains, although the ending is a bit abrupt.

the palm beach story (1942): another highly entertaining preston sturges flick. not quite as memorable as some of his others, but still worth watching.

passport to pimlico (1949): odd little british flick about a village that finds an ancient charter that declares them to be an independent country separate from britain and the chaos that ensues. entertaining, but doesn’t really move beyond the premise.

thelma & louise (1991): a classic, and still fairly novel today as a female “buddy movie”. not always the most convincing, but a good direction (ridley scott) and a good pair of leads.

top hat (1935): fun astaire and rogers movie. wasn’t much more memorable than the others to me, although apparently people single it out as the best.

whisper of the heart (mimi wo sumaseba) (1995) : once again miyazaki completely captures childhood in all its confusion, enthusiasm, and innocence. a truly beautiful film. this is on the level of classics like citizen’s kane or all about eve but all the more amazing because it’s a “kids” movie (although i imagine it’s prob. too slow for a lot of kids, american at least). no fantasy elements, but completely enchanting.


2 Responses to “Another movie roundup”

  1. 1 zp September 11, 2006 at 10:45 am

    what an insane collection of films!

    the cameos may be dated but the one liners in the muppet movie are timeless: “if you think the crowd is ugly you should see the dancing girls”

    it kills me.

  2. 2 daisy September 27, 2006 at 8:26 pm

    i only saw howard’s end once — in the theater — and somehow i found myself as the brother, tibby, especially as he was crushed beneath the domino-style falling of the bookcases . . . oh tibby.

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