I know what I ate last summer

okay, summer’s not over yet, but the travelling is, more or less. this summer, i went to rome, paris, bern, chiavari, nice, sardinia, sarzana, york, edinburgh and corsica. whew. i don’t think i’m forgetting anything, but it wouldn’t be so surprising if i did. i did manage to take some photos while away.

sarzana, a charming town right on the border of liguria and tuscany (the next town over is marble-capital carrara): i went for some beach time and a party, and of course ate some pesto while there:

testaroli, a stack of thin crêpes, each layer spread with pesto. you’re supposed to roll up each layer and eat it separately. there’s a crazy sarzana-dialect name for this forerunner of pasta that i’ve since forgotten.

in york, we ate like kings:

dave’s mom made connie a birthday (carrot) cake. from a delia smith recipe. i am now officially a delia convert.

and when in york, one must stop at betty’s tea room

for a fat rascal — a monster anthropomorphosized scone.

and you’ve gotta have a proper sunday roast for dinner, with yorkshire pudding (in yorkshire!), natch.
and while you’re at it, you might as well drive out to tourist-choked yet quaintly lovely whitby (past beautiful rolling hills and picture postcard-perfect english countryside) for:

fish ‘n’ chips at magpie cafe. the wait in the takeout queue is really quite remarkable. you can forget about eating in the place itself if you’re impatient. FnC definitely require a generous dose of salt and malt vinegar, i’ve realized.


1 Response to “I know what I ate last summer”

  1. 1 Tom September 9, 2006 at 10:10 pm

    Fun Fact: My favorite Yorkshireperson, a medievalist at Hull, told me at an official-type University function that the best fry in Yorkshire was to be had in a small place called Wetwang (the secret, apart from the prurient appeal of the name, is the use of beef fat in the fryer). I would’ve gone myself to verify but by the time I was in York I was living off credit cards and the kindness of strangers.

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