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Fried chicken, fast food.. got to hold down the low end of the blog.

I have a fried chicken obsession that is developing. Fried chicken used to mean Roy Rogers (back in the day when there were 2 or 3 Roy Rogers within as many blocks in Ardmore, PA) and then KFC. KFC is just too greasy and then they are always also Taco Bells and that smell! That smell of grease is just sometimes too powerful, I can’t actually go inside. Powell’s chicken in the Fillmore was a new find thanks to a fellow classmate. But I think their chicken (and fried okra) is just too salty for me. So then I tried Hard Knox Cafe down the street from me — for $9 you get enough food for two meals. I wasn’t super impressed by their collard greens or rice and beans, but their mac and cheese and their corn muffins are delicious. It’s a funny little place, Southern joint run by asians. Recently I went to Popeye’s for the first time. Y U M. It wasn’t nearly as greasy as KFC tends to be, and it had that particular spicy kick that you can only get from chain fast food. However, when you reheat their chicken in the microwave, it loses its crunch and becomes very KFC-like. Next time I’ll try the oven reheat.

On other fast food — are there other chains that emulate the In-And-Out model? Fresh ingredients, cheap barebones menu, and good pay? It’s so successful out here I don’t know why everyone isn’t doing it — and it’s cheaper than McD’s?? And naturally the one closest to me is in the same parking lot as Krispy Kreme. Talk about a heart killer. YUM.

I’ve discovered the flea market — apparently the one remaining flea market within city limits. This weekend for $4 I acquired an old Le Creuset frying pan and some measuring spoons. Pancakes come out spectacularly on cast iron.

Has anyone used emusic? I signed up for the 50-free-download trial and it’s fabulous. Wait what’s this? I just found a link for 100 free downloads. Maybe I’ll have to cancel and resign up.


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  1. 1 winnie June 1, 2006 at 3:50 am

    foo, check this out:


    burgervilles are only located in oregon and washington (i smell a roadtrip — well, for those of you who are at least within reasonable driving distance and don’t have, say, an ocean to cross), and they use local ingredients (like cheese for their burgers) in season (like blackberry shakes.


    is not fast food in the popeye’s sense, but i think it’s a pretty cool concept that ought to serve as a model elsewhere. worth visiting if you visit back east.

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