Cn(H2O)n, my friend!

in a moment (okay, a month or two) of weakness, i once succumbed to that silliness that goes by the name of atkins. and sure, i dropped eight pounds and discovered a new mental clarity (that i now attribute to raw-edged hunger), but i was a miserable bitch. (and for those of you that have seen me thus with a fistful of bread or a bowlful of rice, we can blame other things.) while italian women do get fat (they bring new meaning to ‘sturdily built’ and ‘brick house’ by the time most of them reach their fifties), that doesn’t seem to stop them from eating their bread with pasta, with pizza (simultaneously!) or with more bread. even if i’ve not come around to this practice, i can appreciate the sated happiness that comes from

tagliatelle col ragù bolognese. this is the authentic, the original ‘spag bol’, courtesy of caminetto d’oro in bologna. emilia-romagna’s fresh pastas beat the pants off of just about every other italian region’s, as far as the egg-based pastas are concerned. and even the dried stuff is commendable:

rigatoni with young zucchini and chile pepper.
emilia-romagna, home of prosciutto di parma, culatello di zibello and parmigiano-reggiano, does not shy away from fat. let us be grateful for that:

lasagnette delle erbe con ricotta.


3 Responses to “114727049293045390”

  1. 1 daisy May 11, 2006 at 2:15 pm

    ha, i was hoping to see you with a famished, frenzied look and some bread in your hand.

    i like to say that we’re all either rice or noodle people (sure, you can be a smart-ass and argue that you like rice noodles). i’m a noodle girl, and it seems you’re in the same club. !bienvenido!

  2. 2 winnie May 12, 2006 at 3:49 am

    yeah, i dunno what it is, but despite having eaten rice probably 6 days out of the week when i was growing up, i’m not as attached to it as my parents are. i definitely don’t get sick of pasta ever over here, but maybe that’s a function of not being able to find good asian rice. oh, kokuho rose, i miss you so!

    i’d actually have to go one further and say that we’re all either noodle, rice or bread people.

  3. 3 Amy May 12, 2006 at 4:48 pm

    Oh no, you can definitely be all three kids of people: noodle, rice and bread. I am. I tried Atkins for about a day – any diet that depends on ketosis CANNOT be healthy. Do Asians become “sturdily built” by their 50’s? Hmmm, give me another 20 years or so and I’ll find out…

    Heh heh, me and my gigantic bag of Kokuho Rose say Hi!

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