the bestest.

yeah, i’ve got my 2005 favorites for you, but what, you want an order now? sorry, no.

on the speakers:
antony & the johnsons, ‘i am a bird now’
clap your hands say yeah, self-titled
wolf parade, ‘apologies to the queen mary’
feist, ‘let it die’
andrew bird, ‘the mysterious production of eggs’
jens lekman, ‘oh you’re so silent jens’
the go! team, ‘thunder, lightning, strike’
animal collective, ‘feels’
sufjan stevens, ‘illinois’

(my tastes seem to get a bit wussier and more sad-bastard with every passing year, no?)

runners-up: ted leo, the national’s ‘alligator’, calexico/iron & wine’s ‘in the reins’

current loves: tapes ‘n tapes, margot & the nuclear so and sos, of montreal, husky rescue, okkervil river, danger doom, the rosebuds, sun kil moon

on the page:
david mitchell, cloud atlas (techincally 2004, i suppose)
zadie smith, on beauty
ian mcewan, saturday (though atonment is better)

on the screen:
happy endings
batman begins

disappointments: howl’s moving castle, charlie & the chocolate factory

stuff i really should have discovered before 2005: marcel dzama, philip pullman, alan moore, e.m. forster, tony kushner, julian barnes, the kings of convenience’s ‘riot on an empty street’, mice parade’s ‘obrigado saudade’, broken social scene’s ‘you forgot it in people’

stuff i’ve gotten over: bloc party

stuff i just don’t get (as in, why does everyone love this?): death from above 1979, joanna newsom, out hud, kazuo ishigiuro’s ‘never let me go’

another year, another round of glorious, glorious consumerism.
and i’m off to taiwan. stay tuned for my adventures and all the gustatory delights of the motherland (oh, but there are so many!)


3 Responses to “113473460115506703”

  1. 1 asarwate December 16, 2005 at 11:55 am

    I saw Wolf Parade open for the Arcade Fire in SF a few months back — I liked half their songs kind of, but they put on a pretty bad show from a strictly performance perspective…

    Everything I read about the Ishiguro novel makes me not want to read it, but people seem to love it. Enh?

  2. 2 winnie December 17, 2005 at 7:20 am

    that’s unfortunate to hear — but it’s always a crapshoot, isn’t it, whether a band can at least match its studio self or perhaps even rise above. i guess i’m glad i missed their show in milan last week.

    yeah, the ishiguro i had high hopes for, given all the critical acclaim, but i dunno, something about his prose is awfully sterile.

  3. 3 daisy December 19, 2005 at 4:51 pm

    i’m so glad you like feist. i saw her opening for british sea power (who i walked out on). turns out my friend’s band opened for feist, and i didn’t know this, so it was doubly cool that night. anyway, feist, solo guitar and live, totally rocked out. i was thoroughly impressed. her performance got me back into listening to rockish music again.

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