Who do I think I am? Betty Crocker?

excepto betty habla al parecer español.

my most recent iteration of the lemon sponge pudding. this one turned out pretty alright with a really nice substantial pudding bottom. this dessert is so damn easy to make and so damn tasty, it might just become my standard.

i’m still trying to recreate the banana bread of my youth (our next-door-neighbor’s amazing recipe, which is now who knows where). this one (the cook’s illustrated best recipe version) bakes up with a really unbelievable crust (thanks to my oven and my loaf pan, i’m supposing). i made a coconut substitution for the walnuts, which was alright, but the banana bread just wasn’t moist enough. could be that i should have waited for the bananas to get totally mushy. but i feel like there’s something out there that’s better (admittedly, best recipe has been surprising me lately with its fairly respectable baking recipes — perfect chocolate chip cookies, for instance. this book is usually my last reference, but bittman has been sadly failing me a little too often when it comes to batters and doughs). daisy, whatcha got for me?

i’m slowly getting used to the idea of knitting for other people. (trust me, it’s not quite like cooking for other people. at least, not for me.) but this scarf was just so inevitable: i’m still destashing and pink makes me look so grotesquely yellow that i needed to find a giftee for something in this color. and carla likes lily of the valley. and that’s what this pattern is supposed to resemble. and it kinda does, no? it’s — yes — a barbara walker lace panel pattern (maybe from this one?), knit with my favorite cascade 220 on size 8s. i did a little stitching up the side in hot pink. just because.


1 Response to “Who do I think I am? Betty Crocker?”

  1. 1 daisy December 19, 2005 at 4:48 pm

    give me your address, and i’ll send you some stuff.

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