Fall sweater, fall music.

i meant to finish this ages ago, but it’s just as well that i’m done now, when the last leaves are just barely hanging on.
the inspiration:

this is one of teva durham’s designs from her amazing book. i love the unconventional tweaking, the beautiful shapes she comes up with and the edgy modernity she champions. despite all the hipsters knitting these days, as far as patterns go, there’s still a glut of cheesy-ass old-lady knits out there. (who wants to wear a big ol’ shapeless sack disguised as a cardigan with scottie-dog buttons?) plus, she’s a st. louis native, which gets her big props. anyway, never able to quite follow any instructions properly, i used different yarn, a different gauge, made it shrunken as opposed to oversized, and moved some of the little motifs around. hers is much springier, mine is an homage to autumn.

(and yes, i know i need a haircut.)

on heavy, heavy rotation:
wolf parade (thanks, isaac)
the robot ate me

and my most recent mix:

always and never the same.

1. the national – secret meeting
2. clap your hands say yeah – over and over again (lost and found)
3. arcade fire – rebellion (lies)
4. feist – mushaboom
5. calexico/iron & wine – a history of lovers
6. animal collective – did you see the words
7. wolf parade – shine a light
8. josé gonzález – crosses
9. the mountain goats – palmcorder yajna
10. imogen heap – hide & seek
11. cocorosie – beautiful boyz
12. the go! team – get it together
13. the organ – brother
14. the robot ate me – on vacation
15. mice parade – focus on a roller coaster


2 Responses to “Fall sweater, fall music.”

  1. 2 staceyjoy November 15, 2005 at 10:55 am

    NIce. Your version is way more practical.

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