i’ve recently started a monthly mixtape/CD group modelled after the international mixtape project at this BBC subsite i’ve been into lately (interested, winnie?). for my first mix i wanted to take advantage of the slightly longer time on a cassette (and also to use up at least one of the many cassettes i still have lying around), and so i threw together an ABC mix. this is another one of those mostly hodge-podgy mixes of one-off tracks that i like reasonably well but haven’t yet used, and i generally leant towards being semi-indie and generally upbeat. i tried not to worry too much about trying to fix the tracks that stick out too much (e.g. the jimmy eat world), and since 26 tracks didn’t fit, rather than beat myself up trying to find shorter tracks i just deleted my least favorite. if you were wondering, they were:

bis . sci-fi superstar
ladybug transistor . wooden bars
neutral milk hotel . holland, 1945.

not much more to say, other than to give a quick mention to gifrants, a haitian busker (solo acoustic guitar and voice) in boston who i liked enough to buy his CD. i’m saving my favorite track of his for another mix, but this track’s pretty good too.

we do the dance up on the plains
collective mix #1: abc mix

side a
1 animal collective . feels . grass
2 cibo matto . viva! la woman . know your chicken
3 death cab for cutie . plans . marching bands of manhattan
4 brian eno . another day on earth . this
5 flake music . when you land here, it’s time to return . the shins
6 gifrants . vwa e gita volim i . zanmourt
7 the hang ups . second story . the queen
8 insides . sweet tip . all life long
9 jimmy eat world . self-titled . bleed american
10 stephen kellogg . lucky eleven . as good as it’s been
11 modest mouse . the moon & antarctica . 3rd planet
12 of montreal . the sunlandic twins . so begins our alabee

side b
13 the polyphonic spree . together we’re heavy . section 12 (hold me now)
14 q-burns abstract message . invisible airline . this time
15 josh rouse . nashville . winter in the hamptons
16 764-hero . weekends of sound . terrified of flight
17 tahiti 80 . wallpaper for the soul . get yourself together
18 underworld . a hundred days off . twist
19 versus . two cents plus tax . underground
20 ween . chocolate & cheese . voodoo lady
21 xiu xiu . fabulous muscles . i love the valley OH!
22 young people . epitonic.com . el paso
23 thalia zedek . matador at fifteen (comp) . 1926


1 Response to “113133183617096078”

  1. 1 winnie November 7, 2005 at 3:11 am

    yes, count me in. but do i really have to hunt down cassette tapes? email me details.

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