coming this fall

the nytimes had their huge fall arts preview on sunday. some of the things i’m looking forward to:

american analog set: set free (out sept. 25)

the directors’ series part 2: inc. stephane sednaoui (who dir. bjork’s big time sensuality vid). the disc will inc. the alternate night-time version of that vid, as well as an army of me animation.

proof: movie version of the successful stage play about a mathematician’s daughter. finally getting released, starring gwyneth paltrow

rent the movie (of course)

the wallace and gromit movie

i’m also curious about the producers movie. i’m not a huge fan of either the show, susan stroman (the director), or nathan lane, but i’m curious about how stroman (who has never directed a film) will adapt the show.

i’m also curious about brokeback mountain, the “gay cowboy” film featuring heath ledger and jake gyllenhaal (the latter, incidentally, is also in proof), and directed by who-da-thunk-it ang lee.

strange revival of sweeney tood from london, will feature the cast playing instruments onstage, inc. mrs lovett playing the tuba and sweeney playing the guitar. despite being a practically perfect show and one of sondheim’s best, lately i’ve been despising both patti lupone and michael cerveris (the leads) so i’m prob. going to pass on this one.

see what i wanna see, lachiusa’s first new work in new york in a while. goes up near the end of oct w/ idina menzel of all people.

the history boys by alan bennett got good press in london, so i might see the broadway production if i finally get to ny. also, shanley (who wrote doubt) has another new work (defiance), as does greenberg, author of take me out, whose new work is called a naked girl on the appian way. it should be noted that julia roberts will be making her broadway debut in another greenberg play, three days of rain.

in terms of local theater, i might catch the huntington’s production of stoppard’s the real thing, and the north shore music theater’s camelot, which is at the shubert in boston due to a fire they had over the summer.



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