gratuitous farm animal photography tuesdays

in part, a poke at the blogosphere’s silly preoccupation with friday cat-bloggings, memes and such. but also because farm animals have that unique, dual appeal — cute and tasty.

goats and goatlings (i guess the technical term is ‘kid’, but try explaining that to an italian who insists that he would never eat his bambini) at the butcher family’s house up in san michele (a village within the commune of bra). also, geese and a donkey’s nose.

they raise some kind of dwarf breed of goats, in case you were wondering, which are quite active reproductively, apparently. this little guy was a recent addition. and no, he doesn’t have a goose growing out of his ass, but he is similarly sized.

and also because i hate breaking up posts by topic, here are photos from a trip up to the mountains. the italians go all the time and it’s always been a mystery to me what they do exactly up there or what could possibly be the draw. but i understand now.

it wasn’t rainy or particularly gloomy — these are just some low-flying clouds (i couldn’t get much better pictures because of the low visibility, but i tell you, it’s beautiful up there). this second photo is taken at the pian della regina (the queen’s valley). the mighty po river starts at just a trickle from a spring up higher in the pian del ré (2020m), but just a little further down (1745m) here, it becomes a few feet wide. a few observations — since, being american, i am shamefully ignorant of european geography — the alps are fucking huge! did you know that they stretch all the way from slovenia (!) to france? pian della regina (and pian del ré are both part of the alpi cozie, or cottian alps (thank you, wikipedia), which are only 20 minutes away from bra and every bit as impressive as the other parts i’ve seen in france and in switzerland. this is kind of cool. and an interesting bit about the po (also from wikipedia):

In 2005, water from the Po was found to contain “staggering” amounts of benzoylecgonine, which is excreted by cocaine users in urine. Based on these figures, cocaine consumption was estimated to be about 4 kg daily, or 27 doses per day per thousand young adults in areas that feed into the river–a number nearly three times higher than previous estimates.

those crazy italians.


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