so this mix came about from the combination of a couple of diff. factors. first off, w/ no july mixes in sight i figured i’d step up to the plate and whip one together, which meant i had one night to do it in. (all in all it took me less than 3 hours from concept to finish, which is highly unusual for me.) second, since the last two mixes were so eclectic, i decided to really limit this one, in terms of both mood and genre. also, since my time was so short, i had to really rely on my memory of tracks and had to go w/ some tracks that i like but i’m not totally in love w/ b/c i didn’t have time to dig out harder-to-find favorites in my collection.

so, w/ that said, what i ended up doing was an indie-ish electronic music mix. i’d made an electronic mix about a year ago, but that ended up being almost entirely instrumental, so for this i went w/ songs. also, most of the electronic music i usu. put on mixes tends to be more mainstream pop (e.g. EBTG, erasure, new order, underworld), so for this i steered clear of most of the really recognizable names.

it turned out that b/c of the limited genre, the mix had a definite overall feeling, namely mellow and/or melancholy, which i suppose is appropriate given the cold and rainy summer we’ve been having. also, a lot of the tracks i like turned out to have similar instrumentation (sparse textures, skittery beats, acoustic guitar parts, vocal effects), which i found interesting. if i’d had more time i might have tried to vary the tracks more, but i found that more upbeat tracks didn’t really fit; but i hope the tracks don’t all sound too similar. last comment: i was psyched that i could incorporate so many of the random (and good) people i’ve found online. certainly, sir and lonas are from boston, although i think the latter isn’t around anymore. a lot of these tracks were ones i like, but haven’t really followed up on, but now i’m glad i’ve reminded myself to do so.

my steel will turn to flesh … i’ll shine …

1 future bible heroes . memories of love . lonely days
2 state shirt . don’t die . straw man
3 the egg . forwards (import) . wall
4 lonas . www.landingpartyrecords.com . io lounge
5 lamb . self-titled . gorecki
6 mju:o, jun murakami . www.sound.jp/mjuo . in the box (locked rock mix)
7 psapp . tiger my friend . leaving in coffins
8 scissor sisters . party monster (soundtrack) . it can’t come quickly enough (edit)
9 lonbobby . www.dirtcheapmusic.org/lonbobby . bioluminescence
10 dizzee rascal . boy in da corner . jezebel
11 hybrid, andreas johnson . glorious (EP) . glorious (remix)
12 iglu . www.animara.net/fhpositivo . heridas (remix)
13 state shirt . don’t die . it is a shame my binoculars don’t work at night
14 the magnetic fields . holiday . take ecstacy with me
15 certainly, sir . mugic . sweet time
16 tristeza . mixed signals . casio
17 mju:o, bjork . www.sound.jp/mjuo . desired constellation (remix)
18 bonus track


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