i’ve been itching to do this mix for a while and finally finished it this weekend. it’s my 2nd fat is flavor metamix, w/ my “favorite” track from each of the 19 mixes from fat is flavor rounds 4 through 6. the actual favorite track from a mix may have been supplanted by a track that flowed a bit better, and although it’s very hodge-podgey it doesn’t feel too schizo to me, and it’s a nice effect to encapsulate several months of mix-making into less than 80 minutes. it was interesting to see which tracks still do it for me (winnie, that squarepusher track is so good) and which tracks were overlooked the first time. so, here it is.

don’t throw it away
best of flava rounds 4-6

1 andy4 . mike scott . bring ’em all in
2 nelson4 . pinehurst kids . spinning out
3 fred4 . joe weiner . since you left town
4 winnie4 . squarepusher . my red hot car
5 austin4 . jarcrew . radar
6 carl4 . django reinhardt . honeysuckle rose

7 austin5 . call and response . all night long
8 andy5 . big audio dynamite . everybody needs a holiday
9 carl5 . jimmy cliff . sitting in limbo
10 winnie5 . robert johnson . last fair deal gone down
11 maggie5 . neil finn . truth
12 fred5 . kerith ravine . fenton

13 christian6 . people under the stairs . earth travelers
14 austin6 . souls of mischief . 93 til infinity
15 andy6 . ivor cutler . go and sit upon the grass
16 maggie6 . old 97’s . buick city complex
17 winnie6 . royal city . under a hollow tree
18 fred6 . heather headley . i wish i wasn’t (live)
19 carl6 . henry mancini . dreamsville


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